Peggy Style!


When Peggy comes in, LET THE FUN BEGIN!

She goes for necklaces with GUSTO!!

And that is almost always something from my Blast Collection --  where I make my most free-spirited, fun and untethered of creations!

Well it makes sense --like Peggy herself -- a free-spirited, fun and untethered creation!

And if this one looks fun, you oughta see her in "Cosmic Bliss"!! 

Below are three different necklaces I've made in the likeness of  Peggy's (the one on the left).

I must say, looking at them here together makes me want to DIVE HEAD-FIRST into my oversize pearls, loose bead box and tangled chain drawer, RIGHT NOW!!! 

Later!! :) There is an unmade necklace calling my name!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1529, A1580, A1530
Blast Collection, Sold (contact for similar designs)

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