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I HAD TO, HAD TO, HAD TO blog on Gaby today.

See, we have been hit with a HUGE SNOW STORM on the east coast -- about 12 inches in my neck of the woods!!

And guess what day this is?  Saturday -- as in, THE LAST SATURDAY TO SHOP BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

So guess who's city came to a grinding halt?  Well, hundreds of them --INCLUDING OURS, and accordingly our usually quite lively little chock-a-block antique shop.

BOO! That made me sad.

BUT!!!!!!!  There's always a bright side.  And today it's Gaby!

Gaby makes me HAPPY!

Thus I am blogging on her CRAZY, HAPPY, FUNNY, LOVELY SELF!

Her latest Kay necklace was Christmas trees, and ain't she just the bee's -- I mean tree's -- knees in it??

Gaby, you makes us laugh EVERYTIME you come in!

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  Thank you for being a BEAUTIFUL BALL OF ENERGY.  Thank you for *ALWAYS* making us smileAND THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!! 


Signed Kay Adams, A1732
XmaS YearRouNd Collection, Sold

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