This is a great friend of mine, with a HEART as big as PLANET EARTH, and with TALENT THE SIZE TO MATCH!!

She has launched her long awaited photography website, and I truly, TRULY recommend you check her work out. It is nothing short of breathtaking.
I put some thumbnails below to show the scope, diversity and precision of her imagery. You are in for a treat!!

Kim, I love your beautiful self. I'll never forget meeting you and Gordon in Anthill many years ago, and I've saved that sweet card you wrote after your visit, to this day.

You are a special creature and my world is richer for knowing you. Congrats on your site!!

Oh, and btw, that's a Kay that Kim is wearing, of course.
She has LOTS of Kays -- L-O-T-S!!! :))

Now, FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE, then go pick a custom pack of her cards!!! :)) or


  1. Thank you Kay, you are so kind. I really appreciate your sweet shout-out for my launch. :-) I hope your friends enjoy my pictures. :-) I love all the things I've gotten from Anthill and the Special Kays that I have...each marks a special moment or celebration in my life. Thank you so much for your encouragement and wisdom you've shared with me as I launched my business. Your creativity and energy just spurs me on. :-) Hugs, hugs, hugs. :-)

  2. Hugs back Angel Kim -- YOU KNOW I believe in you and your work. It is brilliant.