The Santa Claus'es ARE IN TOWN!!


I bet you may not have known that Santa is a quintuplet!!

Yes it's true!!  That's the secret to how so much can get done on Christmas Eve!!

And every year all the Santa siblings come to Carytown -- Anthill specifically -- to hang out amid all the irresistible sparkle . . . and twinkle . . . and glittering JOoLS!!

Shhhh -- did you know that the Santas do alot of their shopping in Anthill?? 

Of course, when I see all these Santa brothers together, I can't resist making a necklace to commemorate their festive visits -- and then --- Jackie couldn't resist the commemorative necklace!!

Funny how things work out like that!

Merry Christmas Jackie!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1755
XmaS YearRouNd Collection, Sold

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