Lost and Found!



I just found a whole folder of customer photos I thought were gone forever!!

Shirley -- I didn't forget you or any of the others I can finally catch up on!!  If you see this, send me a link to your antique shop in Ohio, because if I remember right, that's where you were.

I hope you're still loving your necklace -- it serendipitously had your initials in rhinestones laced throughout -- uncanny!! 

Shirley asked me to pose with her and my two books, Creative Overdrive ( a pictorial of my first 500 pieces) and Look, with various selected dazzlers.

Finally I can blog on that cool day!!  More power to finding buried treasures!! . . .  in more ways than one!

Hi to your daughter Michelle and your son-in-law.  Would love to see them again as well.  :)

All the best!!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0736
Lux Collection, Sold

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