Congratulations to my gorgeous friend Charmagne and her Mom on the opening of their new Carytown restaurant, BONVENU!

It officially opened today, at 2915 West Cary Street, across from the Byrd Theater (where the old Trak's Restaurant was for three decades).

That's awesome Charmagne!!

I indeed will miss your effervescent self and that 1000 watt smile being right next door at the Mezzanine, another impeccable Carytown restaurant, (and I know they will miss you too!), but that just means you'll have to come by and say hi LOTS!!!

I hear Bonvenu’s nouveau-American menu includes crab cakes, steak, lamb, pasta and scallops!

And to that I say, "YUM!"

We'll be seeing you very soon to come get some great eats! :))

Signed Kay Adams
Juice Collection, A1456

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