Come Hither & Meet the Prez!


Sherry is a trip . . . no, wait . . . Sherry is an ADVENTURE IN THIS WORLD, and I do believe she could be described as Lucille Ball -- with an edge and . . . LOTS O' BLING!

And this lovely JoOLeRy-loon appears to have found her calling as a professional jewelry lover --- and perhaps even more importantly as the creator and President(?) of a KAJA facebook support group -- ie, for Kay Adams Jewelry Addiction.

I don't know whether to be flattered or worried that my constituency will reform! LOL

The pure jewelry passion that clearly overtakes Sherry is completely obvious in statements such as. . . "Is it wrong that I just want to come into Anthill, get naked and roll around in all these jewels?"

No Sherry, IT IS NOT!!! And as a fellow DEVOTEE, I concur!!

I get it -- IT DOESN'T GET OLD! I'm as eat up with it as the day we started our GLITZ-ridden, SWAROVSKI-coated, BLING-overloaded, DIAMOND-dazzled, RHINESTONE-studded shop!

Her Royal Highness Sherry defines the KAJA support group fanpage with the following questions:

Do you own more than one piece of Kay's jewelry?
Are your thoughts consumed by her designs?
Do you have to visit Anthill to touch a KA designed piece ...even though the signs say "do not touch?"


ROCK ON PREZ -- this creatin' fool DIGGS YA!!
Here is some of Sherry's faboolus BOOTAY . . .

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