The Other Little Mermaid


A cute little mermaid came swishing into Anthill the other day.

The little silver seahorses of a sea-worthy sea-creation instantly recognized her when she floated by.

"It's Nancy! It's Nancy!,"  they gleefully warbled.  "Take us with you Nancy, we want to go home -- back to the beach and the sun, and the surf and the sand.  Home to the seagulls and beach cottages and blue skies and sea-green oceans!" 

Nancy saw how adorable and reminiscent of home they were.

"Hop on my neck, you crazy little sea-creatures," replied Nancy.

They wasted no time.  And in a swishy flash, Nancy and her buddies were floating out the door, gleefully ready to enjoy a their life of surf, sand and sun once again!

~ The End.

Signed Kay Adams, A1566
Strike Collection, Sold

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