So Much Better Than Celebrity Apprentice


Karen!!  I have to learn to be more organized with my photos!!  I just found this pic of you -- it was in a different place on my computer because I think I took it with the camera on the phone??  Or you sent it to me from yours, or something?? 

So sorry I missed you the other day -- Tee told me you stopped by -- I know you've been busy traveling!!

Come by again soon and we'll catch up.  Love your bling sooooo much, and just re-seeing the black cloisonne and turquoise murano bead necklace makes me want to get up to the workshop as soon as I finish blogging and have my hand at another!

I think I will -- Celebrity Apprentice ended last week anyway -- so I'm free and clear!! :)

Hi to your hub and hope to see you soon!

Signed Kay Adams, A0379, A0403
Blast and Strike Collections, Sold

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