Anthillian at Heart


She searches for tiny treasures with such care, and with such an eye for the detail and history of what she's seeking -- and we relate to that as Anthillians.

Recently Vivian brought in some of the antique medallions, tie tacs and lapel pins she's gotten from Anthill over the last few months, and I assimilated them into a special treasure necklace with matching asymmetrical earrings.

I couldn't have been more delighted with how they turned out and she looks so awesome wearing them.

Vivian, I know the meaning the pieces hold for you -- we feel the same about these often overlooked little records of history, which somehow respect the former lives and accomplishments of their owners.

It is beyond gratifying to be able to offer them a voice, a home, a presence, a custodian -- and in this case, all of the above.

You're beautiful, Vivian . . .
and us Anthillians love ya!

Signed Kay Adams, A2077
Lore Collection, Sold

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