Picasso Cometh!

Folks!!!!  We are soo soo fortunate in the kickin' city of Richmond to be the honored recipient of the only East Coast stop on the WORLD CLASS Picasso tour.  ONLY THREE CITIES IN THE USA!!! ONLY SEVEN CITIES WORLDWIDE!!!  And WE ARE ONE!!!

Not Boston, not D.C., not Manhattan, not Chicago -- RICHMOND, VA BABY!!!  It's right here in our very own backyard at the the $150,000,000 (yes that's ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION) dollar renovation to our now WORLD CLASS designated VMFA, the fabulous Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for many Americans to even see such a comprehensive collection of Picasso.  The only reason the show is even available for the international tour is because of the multi million dollar renovations being done to the Musee Paris where this collection -- and the largest collection -- of Picasso resides!  What an opportunity!

Truly people, DO NOT miss this art show while you have the chance.  It is here at the VMFA on the Boulevard until May 15.  There is a parking deck!  The VMFA, showing the most extensive showing of Picasso in United States history at the foot of Carytown -- could it get any better?

Above is one piece in my series of Picasso inspired necklaces.  They are wild, strange, outliers and yes, THEY MAKE A STATEMENT!  Stay tuned to the blog and the fanpage

Signed Kay Adams


  1. Exhibit? Been there, done that. Still mostly prefer his early work.

    Your work? Fantastic.

  2. You're a sweetie -- thank you Jane! :))