Mamma Mia!


Could they be any better looking?? Meet gorgeous Mia and handsome Justin. They got married in September . . . are you ready for this? ON THE ISLAND OF MAUI in HAWAII! (Some people just don't know how to live).

And how beautiful does her necklace look? That's the piece she picked out for her dress and goodness does she have an eye. Vintage marcasite elements are centered by a stunning original Weiss brooch, probably one of the first Weiss pieces made. Weiss started manufacturing in New York City in 1942 and continued until 1971. Their jewelry has become some of the most highly collectible on the costume jewelry market today. They are known for their use of superior quality crystals, unparalleled craftsmanship and classic design.

And that suits Mia to a tee -- unparalleled and classic.

I will blog again soon about Mia and Justin, because I want you to see the beautiful Kay necklace Justin bought her as a gift for their Hawaiian honeymoon. Stay tuned . . .

A0273, SOLD

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