Tale of the Blue Bow


I really don't have any tale to tell. But doesn't that sound like a great title for a good read . . .

"Tale of the Blue Bow ". . . .

Put the necklace on and let the book start writing itself.

As you wear it, the adventures of the novel will unfold, in real life, real time.

Excuse me though, I digress (as per usual).

This sweet antique bow used to be a dress clip. That is, it had a wide spring loaded "paddle" in the back, and ladies would clamp this into the "V" of their dress usually.

It showed that decolletage off well in the roaring 20's, you know.

Well, charmingly updated for current wear, the old back mechanism is gone and some blue stones have been replaced. The sides of the bows became adorned with rhinestone-studded anchors to hold the gracefully embellished chain and . . .

thus the Tale of the Blue Bow gets to begin.

Enjoy the read, enjoy the ride!

Signed Kay Adams, A0713
Strike Collection, $110, Sold

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