I Heart Jodie!


You've got to meet Jodie Smart.

She is one of the most alive, enthused and happy peeps you will ever meet. She always comes into Anthill bubbling over, laughing and grinning.

She's my kind of person because unguarded comments just come flying out of her mouth.

They're always kind, but they're never contrived or filtered. Things like:

"OH! Grrroowwllll, Look at That! LOOK AT IT!"

"That's So Gorgeous IT'S RIDICULOUS!"

"OMG, I'm gonna FAINT -- I've GOTTA HAVE THAT!"

I'm probably putting words in her mouth, because she's probably never said exactly any of those things -- but that's the essence. And everyone catches her spirit (enthusiasm is contagious, you know), and her and my energy builds off each other, and the shop gets loud and full and people stare at us like we're loons . . . but they always agree that whichever necklace she's opted for, it's a no-brainer, must-have.

So here's awesome Jodie in her latest! She looks amazing! =)

Jodie makes everyone SMILE! =)

A0757, Sold

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