Guilt-free Merry Christmas!


It's December 1!

I can now say, "Merry Christmas!" guilt free!

And as such, here will the first in my series on Christmas tree pins.

These are delightful and impactful little creations I make by drilling through a blank unadorned tree pin, then stacking tons of old goodies to make the most unique and mesmerizing tree you will see anywhere.

You could possibly find dazzling mass produced, but you'll never find a more unique and captivating one-of-a-kind. It measures a large 3" tall, by 2" wide. Bedecked and bejewel on every part of its 5 total square inches.

This one is in reds, aquas, and oranges -- how eclectically cool is that????

Merry Christmas!!!! Guilt free! IT'S DECEMBER 1ST! Oh my goodness! Only 24 more shopping days 'til THE DAY!

Signed Kay Adams.

P0704, $165.

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