A November Necklace


I thought this necklace looked particularly November 1sty, with it's lovely collection of autumnal tone scarabs.

The scarab (Latin for beetle) conveys ideas of transformation, renewal and resurrection in ancient Egyptian religion.

Scarab jewelry was a most popular look in the 1960's, probably due in part to Elizabeth Taylor's epic movie Cleopatra. Bracelets, watchbands, earrings, rings and brooches were in vogue. They were made using stone, glass or resin scarabs.

Because of continued fascination with the art and beliefs of ancient Egypt, scarabs are still a classic. This necklace brings together former earrings, pendants and a former Sarah Conventry circle pin, to form a scrumptious collection of scarabs I think even Liz herself may have wanted to don. Signed Kay Adams.

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