Good Morning! :)

If you are a member of the facebook community, you have no doubt experienced the deluge of personal question lists that are abounding among the users of late.

Interview style questions about your high school loves, or stating 25 random things about yourself, or probing personal question lists to be answered in a single word.

Anyway, they are rather entertaining, at least for the moment, and I've been participating in my share. These questions force you to conjure up memories that may otherwise have been lost in the shuffles of your brain forever.

Well, to make this blog entry weave its way back to the chosen necklace, I won the $500 jackpot playing bingo at an American Legion hall when I was 16 years old. Suffice it to say, at 16, in 1981, I felt like I had a million bucks -- or certainly a couple hundred thousand! Or maybe a couple thousand, but regardless, it was ALOT of gratuitous BINGO DOUGH!

So this memory was reinstated into my conscience after one of these facebook exercises, and it was a very pleasant place to visit. Thus my Bingo Collar Blog!

It's fun, as usual. It's funky, as usual. It's laced with typewriter keys and chartreuse moonglow half-rounds. (That's not as usual). It also has two secret lockets mounted on it, so you can put a tiny little note or photo of something or someone you know that brings you luck. Or warms your heart!

It sports two types of vintage Bingo pieces. And if you're going to play bingo anytime soon, I strongly suggest you consider wearing it. You just may win the jackpot -- on N40 this time around!

Have fun!! And fill out your facebook questionnaires!! You just can't imagine the places it'll retake you!

A0758, Signed Kay Adams, $155.

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