Rock the cradle of love


Rocking the cradle of vintage love.

Because of the way this necklace is designed, the incredibly soft pink moonglow brooch looks as if it is being cradled by the soft pearls and random beads that become the wispy branches holding it from above.

This former moonglow brooch is one the most captivatingly soft and elegant pieces I have seen. It is probably late 1930's and made to look as if it where platinum with diamond encrusted leaves that frame the, well, truly glowing moonglow.

They do call it moonglow for a reason, you know. It indeed glows.

It clasps in the front with a circle ring and toggle, and incorporates another matching ring on the left.

Simply luscious.

I don't really think it's Billy Idol's cup-o'-tea, but all us vintage lovin' ladies can rock this cradle of love!! . . . vintage love!

Signed Kay Adams, A0785
Strike Collection, $210, Sold

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