Happy Eyeballs, Decked Neck #2


This collar was one labor intensive little puppy. But it's all worth it in the end.

Some necklaces are more enjoyable to make than others -- the techniques involved are more relaxing and perhaps even more mindless -- and the time just whittles away while you watch a creation take shape.

Well, I "whittled" away at this, but I was well aware of every arduous twist and turn and plug and poke. It's just the nature of this beast.

Tiny little bits and beauties are so crammed in you can hardly see straight. There are filigree bead caps, and vintage pearls, gemstone chips including opal, amethyst and peridot. There are old aqua plastic flowers beside Chanel channel-set rhinestone bezels. There are baby seashells and silk flower buds. There are Swarovski rhinestones drizzled throughout.

It will keep your eyeballs happy and your neck DECKED!

Every possible nook and cranny is filled. It is bedazzling on, and much larger in real life than the photo makes it appear. (It almost appears as a bracelet in the photo, but this necklace is approximately 16" with a 3 inch extension).

Signed Kay Adams. $450

Juice Collection, A1089

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