It's a Cat Thing


When you're obsessed with cats, kiss all reasonable dignified behavior goodbye. It's like being around a newborn. In their almighty feline presence, it's all ooey-gooey behavior.

And it worsens with age;
you find yourself getting ooey-ier and gooey-ier.

You drive people batty as they listen to you carry on in baby talk to this little varmint who couldn't give a mouse's patooey if you dropped dead tomorrow.

But we cat lover's accept that.

We know it and love them in spite of their sometimes aloof, Jekyll-and-Hyde ways.

Because when they give love, it's the best. It's a cat thing. So this necklace is dedicated to that species which I adore most of all the amminals.

Chum mere you wittle schmucky mucky woo woo. I gonna kiss that wittle weebus punkin munchkin face. . .
oowweee! excuse me, I just got nailed. ;)

Signed Kay Adams, A0872
Joy Collection, Sold

Give at cat a chance. Adopt one! They are AWESOME.

Then come get this necklace to doubly celebrate!!

(click on the cat collage to see the picture nice and big!)


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