Good Morning, Gorgeous!


Meet the gorgeous, always laughing, 1000 watt smiling songstress . . . . drum roll please. . . Justine Parker!!

She's a singer in a band here in Richmond called The Escorts.

And she likes to wear pretty stuff on stage, so she comes to see me (for the glitzy part).

God gave her the natural pretty part and I guess Saks and such takes care of the clothes part.

Although she loves her necklaces so much for goin' fancy, she just wears them out and about too.

And see, that's the magic of them. Gorgeous enough to carry off a black tie event, casual enough to go out rompin' for a day of shopping and coffee.

I don't have the original photo of this necklace -- I didn't used to take pictures consistently. So it was wonderful when Justine came into Anthill the other day wearing it.

'Cause I got to see that beauty again.

And the necklace too!

Have a great day everybody! Spring's lovely weather is on the way!!

Signed Kay Adams, A0545
Lux Collection, Sold
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