Seriously Justine


I mean, seriously.

How do you do it?

Why don't you let the rest of us in on your secret so that we can look as good . . .

What??? What's that you're clairvoyant-ing to me?  It's the necklace??? 

Well there you go -- Kay necklaces are the secret to the good-looking fountain of youth.  WORKS FOR ME!!!  (Or, wait -- I think I work for it . . . )

All joking aside -- well some of the joking aside -- this is Justine Parker, and I've blogged on her beautiful self before because she owns 923 Kay necklaces -- oh ---- goodness, wait . . . that's how many I WISH she owned.

But she does have several, and allow me to remind you that this gorgeous lady is a singer in a Richmond band call the The Escorts Band

THEY ARE GOOD!!!!  They play everything from “All Shook Up” and “Great Balls of Fire” to the B-52’s “Love Shack” -- and YOU KNOW that'll keep 'em on the dance floor!! So check them out and give them a call next time you need some music at your event. 

And now that Justine has given us the secret, you can come see me for the good-looking fountain of youth!! :-)

A1243, Sold 
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