Let's Play Childhood


SEEING snow means HEARING kids.

It's a great sound as they laugh and yell. They hoot, they holler -- oh, excuse me, I mean they "Holla!"

You occasionally hear the sound of crying -- at least I did yesterday. I think someone must have fallen off of a sled and probably got a bad case of the ironic "ice burn."

But these children will remember a day like yesterday for the rest of their lives. Snow days, enough snow to close the schools, is one of life's greatest treasures to youth.

Like a bonus day, a guilt-free play-all-day day falls out of the sky and gratuitously lands in the lap of every snow-lucky kid.

So is the necklace -- harkening back to a carefree time we all once got to be a part of.

The "children" are vintage handpainted bisque from the 1960's. I've further embellished each happy kid with a little extra sumpin' sumpin'.

For instance, blondie on the right has an "angel" doll, and dude in the center has a crush (see the heart beating out of his chest?) on blondie on the left, who has a rhinestone flower on her hat . . . you know -- I put a little Fizzel in those kids' Fagizzel.

For the record, dude on the far right has a toy seahorse -- he's a little "odd" and dude on the far left has an apple. He's either hungry or wants to kiss-up to the teacher, but seeing as he already took a bite, I think he was just hungry.

Silly kids.

Signed Kay Adams

Joy Collection, $145

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