Snow Jo


How about this winter wonderland on March 2nd?

We, in Richmond, VA, have near a foot of snow on the ground, and three days ago we were near 70 degrees. . .

Things are changing like this -- weatherwise, all over the world, so we are all hearing.

Well, at least something stays the same . . . my passion for making something irresistible from the amazing and oft overlooked castaways of life.

When my husband saw this necklace he said, "That's Ode to Antarctica, isn't it?" (which I vow to make). But actually it isn't Ode to Antarctica.

It's Snow Jo.

Snow Jo is a form of mojo that comes out to crea8t when there is snow in the atmosphere.

So it is today.

I'm thrilled with how my Snow Jo played out.

Icy and aqua, glitzy and eclectic.

Dazzle in your Snow Jo!

Signed Kay Adams, A1349
Juice Collection, $385, Sold

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