Move over Paris Hilton. There's a new reason to use the phrase, "That's Hot!"

And here they are! -- Three beauties sporting the latest in one-of-a-kind Kay necklaces.

Precious Little Donna is all decked out in an UNBELIEVABLE chain collage that is gonna garner her more attention than, well, Paris Hilton herself. As if Donna needs any assistance getting attention.

And adorable Asianesque Dawn has on a tantalizing vineyard of rich gold capped grapes. (She got my giant red owl necklace recently and I HOPE I get a picture of her in that, because it was SMASHING!)

Classy Ms. Susan is looking HOT wearing a WOW-factor black and gold cluster necklace, guaranteed to look awesome with about any solid color in a wardrobe.

There's a secret I'm gonna let the whole world in on right now. You know how TV shows are often based on real-life people? Guess what?

These three girls are the REAL Charlie's Angels.

And you heard it here FIRST!!!

Now That's Hot!

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