Blame It On The Rain


In Richmond, Virginia, it POURED down rain yesterday evening!

It was beautiful! And LOUD! Thunder and Lightning . . . .

POURED --like a squall line -- one thunderstorm after the other.

Right about blog time, I lost power (and it stayed off 10 hours) and thus I couldn't blog yesterday.

But the exciting storms were worth it!

So today, I resume my normal blogging, and couldn't resist to blog on this completely unique rain-like assemblage.

It's like the beauty of a storm permanently captured as rain cascades down from this necklace, giving a renewed vitality to the flora, represented by the gentle enamel leaves.

You know how sometimes rainy days
can really motivate you and give you
an energy you don't normally have?

Especially a creative energy?

Well, put this piece of mother nature on,

and you just might have that feeling
anytime you want!

Signed Kay Adams, A1101
Strike Collection, $220, Sold

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