Ok -- cute little Nancy here has a GREAT sense of style -- always chic, always timeless, always sophisticated.

In essence, she knows when it's right.

She picked this beauty out the other day and MY OH MY, is it an AWESOME one!

It has some of the coolest -- AND RAREST -- elements I've ever worked with.

These elements include two antique charge coins.

Yes, before plastic American Express and Visa cards, at the high end shops, you were issued a beautifully designed and embossed medallion, with a hand engraved number unique to you -- the customer.

They are very hard to find and usually BEAUTIFULLY detailed. One of hers is from historical Strawbridge and Clothier, founded in 1862.

Other pieces on her necklace include a Rolex spoon bowl, which I removed from the spoon handle of course, an antique European spoon head, a Miraculous medal (Medal of the Immaculate Conception), and the main element from a vintage hand-engraved WWI sweetheart bracelet , and an antique Italian coin medal.

Quite a collection!!

Nancy KNOWS how to pick 'em!! (just like the husband she picked -- what a nice man -- AND, he bought her another for her birthday!)

I told him he made quite a few women happy that day! :))

Hey, btw -- look how Nancy's got the Kay necklace blended with her own chains. Such a GREAT LOOK! I SOOO encourage stacking and layering other pieces from you own jewelry wardrobe to make AMAZING collages right on your neck!!


Signed Kay Adams, A1389
Lore Collection,

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