I love New York.

I love Happy People.

and I love Margie -- because she is a  kindest little happy half-pint the BIG CITY has to offer!

And the BIG CITY offers some FABULOUS folks.  NEW YORKERS ROCK!!!  Best raconteurs you will ever meet.  Friendly, helpful, energized.  Just love 'em.

Margie's got quite a few Kay pieces and she lights up with a smile as big as her whole-self when she stops by.  She's always got great travel stories, cool news about her three college kids and the most thoughtful husband.  One time he stopped by unbeknownst to her and surprised her with an additional necklace for when they got back home.

If you're from NY and see Margie shopping around Manhattan -- stop and give her a BIG CITY HUG from me.  I miss her between visits -- and when her son graduates U of R, I'm gonna have Margie withdrawals.

That's alright -- road trips to NYC RULE -- guess I'll just have to go to the BIG APPLE to VISIT HER!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1578
Juice Collection, Sold

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