Snow White and the Warped Dwarfs


A short TALL tale:

Once upon a time, Snow White, Happy and Doc got separated from the rest of the dwarfs on a trip to Disney World.

So they made the best of it and hooked up with a clown, a mouse, a cowboy, and an Alpine skier.  

Snow White and her friends rented a carriage and went on an extended laugh-filled ride through the park.  Later, the clown, the mouse, the cowboy and the Alpine skier all went to a bar.

They officially proclaimed themselves friends at the end of the day.

One day Snow White called me up and asked could I make a necklace that could somehow commemorate that special day.

"I just happen to have a bag of magic," I told her.  My magic included some old lapel pins and vintage tie tacs that happened to EXACTLY match Snow White's wishes -- uncanny!

It was a hit!!! -- Snow White gushed, I blushed, Happy laughed and Doc fainted!

(oh -- and the clown, the mouse, the cowboy and the skier went back to the bar and ended up celebrating with a priest, a rabbi and a minister).

The end.

Signed Kay Adams, A1409
Blast Collection, $245

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