Swamp Dog Gold

"You don't know me from a swamp dog, but my name is Jami Williams and I live smack dab in the middle of Missouri which is the main reason why I won't be waiting for you outside of your shop tomorrow with great anticipation to simply come in and peruse the wonderment therein! YOU ARE TRULY AN ARTIST...I stumbled upon your gorgeousity online and I just wanted to let you know that as a little girl who was a bit rowdy and dressed like a pirate most of the time I DREAMED of wearing jewels like those you are creating. They are absolutely perfect - a bit irreverent, an expression of appreciation, whimsical, full of personality...just absolutely perfect in every way. I have bookmarked your website in my folder under "sad days" which is a collection of websites that make me particularly happy when I've got a bit of blue...you are truly an artist in the essence of meaning...looking at something, seeing something else and projecting that onto the worlds of others, so they may see it as well. Bravo, Ms. Adams, bravo!".

Jami -- your words are golden to me. Thank You.

Signed Kay Adams, L1521
Juice Collection, Sold


  1. Yay! Jami...Kay's wearable art spreads happiness wherever it goes! :-)

  2. Let's just say you and Jami BOTH rock!!! :))