Shhhh . . .


Don't alert the paparazzi . . .

Does anyone remember when I blogged on Charlie's Angels shopping in Anthill? (You can click here for a refresher).

Well, yes, yet another of the angels sauntered into Anthill the other day -- Kate Jackson.

She's going by the name Linda these days . . it keeps the paparazzi better at bay.

And on this day it was time to add a couple of necklaces to this angel's original Kay piece so as have the necessary jewelry bling for creating a sumptious fall jewelry collage!

So that's just what we did! Linda (shhhh . . . Kate) got a classic multi-element rhinestone design along with a distressed copper flower beauty, both of which can be grouped, stacked, layered and glopped with her original retro pearly white lucites necklace for more necklace fun than a barrel of bling from Bailey Banks and Biddle!

So now the possibilities are endless!!! Endless possibilities -- my kinda thinking!!

Always fun to see your beeming smile, Linda. Come by anytime and we'll play in the jOoLs again!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1590, A1608
Lux & Lore Collections, Sold

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