The Duchess in Anthill?


I stay way too backlogged blogging on my fabulous customers!!

I've been wanting to blog on Susan for a long time, but half the time when a bunch of us crazy girls are all in Anthill together, there is so much creative energy and we all get so hyper and giddy and frenzied, I even forget to pull out my camera!!

Well not this time, NO SIR!! When I saw Duchess Susan (I think she may be Sarah Ferguson's sister??) come into Anthill, I had that camera POISED, FOCUSED and READY to ROLL!

Here she's got on a stack of two necklace beauties, plus an element or two from former Kay pieces she's bought in the past! SMART!!

Susan knows how to create new pieces by repositioning and recreating with all the removable elements from her collection of Kay's -- and that's the idea!!!

It's the gift that keeps on giving -- so indeed, be creative like Susan and let it give to you a new way every day!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Duchess Susan! ☺

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Signed Kay Adams, A1604, A1672
Both from the Lore Collection, Sold

1 comment:

  1. Kay, I love the one with all the different type items on it! That is my style for sure.

    Awesome, as usual!