Like Mother, Like Daughter


I feel a kindred spirit with these two, because they remind me of my Mother and I.

This is Elizabeth and her daughter Carla. I've blogged on Elizabeth before and mentioned I would be thrilled to be just like her when I grow up. She's so in touch with her playful little inner-child, it's CoNtAGIoUs!!

And Carla has the same exact spirit! She's the molecular scientist PhD turned Scientific Seamstress --that is to say, pattern-maker and designer extraordinaire with a major following!! Check her out (she does doll patterns to drool for -- which brings us back to that fabulous inner-child connection again!!)

I don't always get to see Carla when they come by, as Carla lives in Maryland, but on this recent visit, Carla got to come too! And true to that beautiful mother-daughterness, each found the perfect Kay necklace. :)

Elizabeth, being the fashion plate she is, is STACKING TWO KAYS!! (ain't she the bomb??) And Carla is sporting a completely beautiful and wearable three-piece Kay that fits her to a tee!! And btw, they are both wearing Carla's tops!!

I love this picture of you two!! It makes me smile! ♥☻♥

Signed Kay Adams, A1634 & A1642
Joy and Lux Collections, Sold

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