A Beautiful New Year!


The minute I saw this picture of gorgeous Mia, I knew she had to be my blog to kick off 2010!!

I absolutely LOVE what she did with her original Kay necklace, which, btw -- and a major btw -- was her WEDDING NECKLACE!! (click the link to see how beautiful!!)

To bring it in to the now -- and to give it a whole new dynamic -- she stacked it with a cool onyx necklace of her own, and the LOOK is HOT!!

Stacking ingenuity. You GOT IT GIRLFRIEND!

Happy New Year to you and Justin and your wonderful family, Mia!!



  1. gorgeous Kay! I love how you photograph your clients in your works of art---very cool :)

  2. Beautiful! This one is definitely one of my favorites and looks just gorgeous on Mia!! What a way to start off the New Year! Love it!