K-C and the Sunshine Bling


Hey Girlz!!  Love your fabulous BLING, Sandra . . . half courtesy Kay, half courtesy Carmen-Lee! :))

This mother and daughter team are such great folks.  Carmen-Lee was inspired by my creations and made her mother Sandra the rhinestone heart necklace she is wearing, which is stacked beautifully with a Christmas Kay piece she recently bought!!!  That OH-ficially makes it "BLING YUM!"  And of course the blog title is a take off on KC and the Sunshine Band, but in this case the KC stands for Kay-Carmen -- and the "Sunshine Bling" is our band  -- where instead of music, we make GLITTERING YUMMY JOOLS!

Carmen-Lee is quite talented and among other things is the au-pair to a delightfully charismatic special needs child, Shayla.  I always love to see the two of them, and it's also unquestionably a Funtastic event when Sandra comes in with her best friend, Teen, too!  . . .  whom I've blogged on in the past. :) 

I'm thinking of you two.  Hope this little blog brightens your day a touch.  I'm so sorry your Grandma isn't well and I just wanted to send some support and positive thoughts your way.  I always look forward to seeing your two smiling faces along with Shayla and Teen anytime!!   Kay ♥

Click here to view the blog on the necklace :)

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