Hammin' at the 'Hill!


This is Wayne Covil, pronounced CO-vell, from the local NBC Channel 12 news.

And HE loves his cufflinks, and I LOVE giving him a hard time -- ('cause he's just so darn personable).

And seriously, not that I have to tell anyone in Richmond, but his last name is really pronounced like . . . kind of but not exactly . . . but mostly sort of it rhymes with shovel . . . if you spelled shovel, shovil.

And you can find out for yourself if you just go listen to him pronounce it on his next news cast . . . but get up early, 'cause he's on at like 5:00 am in the morn!!

Wayne -- you know I'm goofin' -- you are really with Channel 8 and you anchor the late news -- and yes, I'm FULLY aware of that!!

AND -- I know you like your cufflinks. I've made Wayne four pairs now -- the two below (I think he must have a good friend that works at CBS Channel 6??), and also made him two pairs from old Petersburg transit tokens. 

Come see us anytime Wayne -- IF YOU DARE!! I'll try and behave . . . maybe.

And if anyone out there in blogville has cufflink ideas, come see me! Yes, I'm ambi-jewelrydextrous!
PS -- Watch Wayne on CBS 6 reporting live at 5 and 6 pm!! :)

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