Bakelite BOMB


Soooo that's where all my vintage bakelite spacers went . . . ;-)

Attention PETB members (People for the Ethical Treatment of Bakelite) -- all mint condition Bakelite spacers are in unaltered, original condition -- no holes permeate the spacers, ie -- no bakelite bangles were harmed in the making of this necklace. :D

Thus you may enjoy your bakelite RE-creation guilt free.

Each marbled bangle removes to wear independently, so you can wear as few or as many on the necklace as desired.  And if on some future day you decide to go back to the creation's wrist-wearing roots, you may take off your spacers, clip the hand-wired 'diamond' bails, and enjoy them as the bracelets they were born as!

Fantastic looking.

Super versatile.

Historically collectible.

Signed Kay Adams, A2002
Pop Collection, $325


  1. I LOVE Bakelite! :D

    This one is really special, Kay. I feel like it's inspired by the Olympics or something.

  2. That;s amazing. I will try and get more creative with my pieces now. I don't wear bangles much as my wrists are so narrow, so now I know what to do with all the ones I have collected anyway!