Pop Quiz


It's mandatory I start making earrings, because:

a) The mannequin is so damn cool.
b) Customers have been requesting me to do it for quite some time.
c) Some of  B, but mainly A.
d) All of the above, with a strong emphasis on A.

Ok -- so there is no wrong answer, but is it obvious I dig my mannequin?

Seriously -- I am making earrings and they are selling -- COME GET YOU SOME!!!

Just as inventive and fabu one-of-a-kind as the necklaces.

I'm even making some that become elements on your necklace once you remove them from the earring findings.  COOL 'THE-GIFT-THAT-KEEPS-ON-GIVING' EARRING BEANS!!!

Signed Kay Adams, E2133
Ear Ringer Collection, $60

1 comment:

  1. Love the earrings! I am much more inclined to wear earrings, so that is what I make a lot of. And I am a bracelet girl. Just don't have a necklace neck!