The Coy Cutie in the Skull


Meet my girl, Lauren.

She's the one who ultimately ended up with the infamous skull necklace, AND DOES SHE LOOK COOL IN IT!

Dang do I ever want to be in my early 20's again (certainly in looks!!).

To take you back a moment, one of the bullet points on my bucket list was to create something that would make the ranks to be included in Noah Scalin's widely followed and renowned 'Skull-A-Day' blog.

The items submitted have to be created by the artist and they get 1000's of entries, so I didn't know if I'd make the grade, but the "skulls-that-be" saw it fit for inclusion and thus I got to meet a goal on the bucket list!! YES!

I used two layers of earrings for his eyes, a Scandanavian earring for the nose, a Danish pin for his "grill" and in true 6-feet-under fashion, I have him crying a spider tear, as well as another spider fashionably crawling through his grill.

He hangs suspended from two . .  what else . . . skeleton keys, and gobs of rhinestone and chain cobwebs.

Click here for the original entry from my personal blog.

Here's how the necklace appeared on the blog, and here's a link to it in it's entirety -- click here!

If you aren't one of the 1000's of  fans of Skull-A-Day on facebook -- it's a great page!!  YOU SHOULD JOIN -- GOOD CLEAN FUNKY MYSTERIOUS SKULL FUN!!  -- click here!

My philosophy is we all ought to get in touch with our inner-skull -- we'll all be one, one day!

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