"Let It Shine!" :)


It went like this:

"Kay, just thought I'd drop a note to say I took advantage of the sunny day to run over to your shop and pick up one of the necklaces with the white flower.

Theresa was very accommodating as I fogged up the display cases and whined like a puppy in front of your gorgeous necklaces whispering,

It's a terrible thing. She showed me her own red necklace that she has on lay-away and my eyes glazed over at the possibilities. I will be back.

Visiting your store and getting this pretty flower necklace was just what I needed! In fact, even though I am wearing a t-shirt and hoodie I threw on the necklace for fun and am wearing it now.

Thanks for making such pretty jewelry that just makes people happy.

Hope to see you soon.

"Thank you Julia!! What a nice email :)). So glad you got one and with a hoodie is an IDEAL way to wear it!! Your email is such a day brightener, I would love to quote it on my blog with a picture of the necklace -- is that ok?

Have a great day and hope to see you soon too!
Kay :)"

"You may use the quote. No problem. Let it shine!
Have a great day!

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