A Year For Me Bro & His Lass!


I cannot believe it's been a year already!!

Major congratulations to my wonderful brother, Mark, and his beautiful bride, Melinda, aka "The Nutty Professor and Little Turtle."

Ok, I'm like a month late, but I wasn't here on their real anniversary. So hopefully I won't get a demerit or detention.

A year ago, Mark and Melinda got married in full Scottish regalia, appropriate to the Wallace family heritage, as well as to Mark's alma mater, St. Andrews University in Scotland, where he got his doctorate (and, accordingly, when he officially became a nutty professor).

Couldn't be prouder of you two!! Love you guys!!
Melinda's wedding necklace, with her removable "M & M" enhancer on the back side, symbolizing both Mark & Melinda and Mr. & Mrs! ♥

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