Certified Funkologist


I have a degree from the School of Funkology in Kay's Brain, Virginia. I bet you've never heard of it.

It's the world's smallest school; one teacher, one graduate. And they are the same person!!

Actually, I have a degree from VCU in Mass Communications. Look! I'm using my degree! I'm communicating on the internet -- to the masses!

Seriously, I digress. This piece is so funky cool. It was a former earring and bolo set. No doubt originally from New Orleans in my opinion.

And what an exquisite artist whom originally did the painted and embellished faces. I admired this set for so long in Anthill before I decided their time of reinvention was upon them.

I simply love it. I'd love to meet the artist that originally did the faces. TAL----ENT!! Then couple that with my Funkology degree and was a what a bold combination it is!

Oh, and for the record, my Kay's Brain minor was in Blissology. My VCU minor was writing. (I was going to be a journalist, you know).

But I digress. . .

Double layered mardi gras art necklace. Signed Kay Adams.

A1043, $325.


  1. Lovely! Fem but funky. Pretty but bold.

  2. Thank you Bliss Miss! I appreciate that -- and I love that you and I have blissology in common! :))) Have a great day!