Ok -- I need everyone to do me, and more importantly an amazing talented VCU Fashion Design student, Grace DuVal, a favor. She has WON a statewide competition for this GLORIOUS tomato outfit she designed for the Florida Tomato Association, which netted her a cool $1,000. Now she is in the running for the NATIONAL competition, from which the public decides the winner. She now has the chance to win another $2,000. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER. SHE IS EXTREMELY TALENTED.

***MAJOR NOTE!!!>>> The image above is ACTUALLY being used as the poster on the side of the Florida Tomato Association vans that travel along the east coast!!***

Did I mention, I made her couture necklace for the outfit?
(What else would you do when someone asks you for a tomato necklace? We've got vines, a few cherry tomatoes (red coral), a touch of sparkle for good jewelry measure, and even a bumble bee buzzing about. . . you know, your typical tomato necklace).

Purchase this celebrated piece for $195
Signed Kay Adams, A1214, Sold

Go to: to vote!

**Model is Melanie Hearn

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