Marie Antoinette's Peacock


Gorgeous models. Runway shows.

Always a winner.

Another Grace Duval fantasy creation. A take on stylized and geniusly designed Maria Antoinette couture.

Complete with a levered tailfeather system, such that the fan feathers can be raised high above the head, or billow to the ground, at will.

And meet the incomparable Grace herself, shown here with her best friend and beautiful model, Melanie Hearn.

The other lovely model is Ava Barr.

Grace has me make necklaces when this piece is on show, and a new morph is always exciting!

Here are three we've used in the past. I wonder if we're gonna deplete the world of breathtaking old blue brooches??

No matter, at least we're filling it back up with breathtaking blue collage necklaces!!

Juice Collection pieces:
A1315, A1003, A0111
Sold -- contact for similar designs.

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  1. So very breathtaking and amazing! Exquisite!