New Zealand Bound


Ok -- we all know I'm major fan of fashion designer Grace DuVal.

And I've got Grace on the brain today because I've just learned she's going to be competing in a WORLDWIDE WEARABLE ART competition in New Zealand -- THE all-the-way-across-the-world New Zealand -- to vie for being one of the most talented wearable art designers in, well, THE WORLD!

Grace, and the talented Melanie Hearn, have both won a grant to participate in this competition, and just wait till you see the knock out ensembles they've got planned.

And, guess what?? I'll be making the couture jewelry for the entries :))

More blogging on all that later . . .

Now, in the meantime, about the above fab pics.

This is a little Donna Reed number, aptly titled "Mother's Little Helper" that Grace whipped up (not a World of Wearable Art entry -- this was a simply another one of her professionally shot and inspired designs).

A classic 1950's housewife looks smashing in her fitted satin blue frock, all the while having all her necessities at and/or in her beck-and-call apron.

See, there is a pocket system inside the apron for everything she may ever need.

And of course the outfit needed a WWII era pearl necklace . . .

Grace SOOOO rocks!
(btw, click the Donna Reed photo to see it MUCH larger!!)

Signed Kay Adams, A0870
WWII Pearl Design Series
Posh Collection, $165, Sold

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Model is Amy Biddle

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