Bath Bomb Genius


Can I just say there is no word invented to describe the creative and visual talent of Grace DuVal.

She has outdone herself again, this time with 52 pairs of yellow latex dishwashing gloves and 40 hours of sewing.

Did I mention Grace is a mere 21 years old? She's a baby. Think of her future!! It's gonna shine brighter than the sun and her YELLOW rubber glove dress combined!!

The gorgeous model is Melanie Hearn.

And of course Grace's unerring eye picked a lovely aqua "bubble" necklace designed by yours truly.

The necklace is a puzzle of 1950's circle pins, all pin backs ground off, a collection of 1960's turquoise earrings, and turquoise chain which serves to corset the bath bomb necklace together.

A stellar combination with Grace's dress.

Yes, Grace, it does fit like a glove!!

Signed Kay Adams, A1205
Blast Collection, $295, Sold

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