Catching Dreams


"The irony in leaving one’s youth behind is implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered,
and the wise traveler learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time.”
-- Paul Fussell

Yes, yes Paul!!! I get it! I agree. And likewise:

"The irony in leaving one’s former designs behind is implicit in every joyous moment of a new design: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered,
and the wise necklace maker learns not to repeat designs but sees new visions all the time.”
-- Kay Adams (with a little help from Paul Fussell)

Catch your travel and your creative dreams!

A0328, Sold

Otterwise Things Are Fine . . .


Fishies and seaweed and seashorses and shells and bubbles.

Each item further embellished with Swarovski crystal flat backs, to give glint and gleam every which way you turn.

It's a veritable ocean on your neck.

Don't wear it in the surf, though. Other fishlets may be miffed that their surroundings aren't quite as glamorous and then they'll squirt little vials of octopus ink on you.

Otterwise, you are fine to wear it anywhere.

Signed Kay Adams, A1130
Blast Collection, $195,

But is it Aesthetically Correct?


Round and round and round it goes . . .

where it stops . . .

is predicated by a highly technical and scientific combination of how many onesie hoop earrings you have, if your wrist fatigue is acting up, and whether or not you have other commitments besides necklace making ahead of you.

And last, but by NO MEANS least, the single most important criteria . . .


Yes -- we can ditch all other criteria and always default to that. Necklace making is fool-proof if you let visualization rule.

I've done these "Hoopdy Loop" necklaces much wilder and crazier and denser in the past -- but this one was finding its voice via the soft, simple, uncluttered approach.

And you have heard that aesthetically correct IS the new politically correct, right?

Signed Kay Adams.

A0153, Sold

Dreams Do Come True


If your dream was always to have a huge red owl resting on your chest -- and really, who doesn't dream of that -- your dreams are coming true!

Made from repurposed vintage jewelry, this jaw dropping piece is a HOOT!

The eyes were former earrings, the pupils were old Swarovski button inserts, the crown was an 80's earring, the nose . . . ditto.

The body was a porcelain scarf buckle, the tail a pendant with extra sparkle added for good owl measure.

The wings were 1960's German plastic jewelry findings.

A bounty of re-creation!

Signed Kay Adams, A1125
Strike Collection, $195, Sold

Flava Flav's Fantasy


This is a wild one . . . and I LIKE 'EM LIKE THAT!

Six sleek black faced watches, five round and one rectangle, join forces and give Flava Flav a run for his oversize single clock-face bling.

Let's update his concept -- this is a little more couture, wouldn't you say?

Mega fun, ultra different.

And the only one in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Signed Kay Adams, A1222
Toc Collection, $245, Sold

Don't Happen No More


Many times when I look at a piece of work I've just finished, a song will immediately pop into my head.

For that matter, many times when I HEAR a song, I can SEE a necklace.

But that's another blog for another day.

If you know me, you know I have always been a major fan of Pat Benatar. Her voice reaches me.

Well, she recorded a soulful blues cd back in 1991, True Love, that was incomparable -- just wonderful.

One of the songs, written in 1956, was titled, "Don't Happen No More," written by jazz and blues master Obie Jessie.

This simple little necklace is just that -- a tangible reminder of something that doesn't happen anymore. Beautiful attention to detail in the most everyday of objects -- the care, pride, and craftsmanship that is by and large a lost art -- a style of art which life just doesn't afford us anymore.

This is the refrain from the song, and this is what I see when I look at this necklace:

At least we can love and appreciate what still exists before it changed.

What a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL art deco buckle.

Man, how the world has changed. . .
"It don't happen no more,
that was a long time ago,
It's a pitiful shame,
How the world has changed."

Signed Kay Adams, A0243
Lore Collection, $120, Sold

Like Life


An intense puzzle that reveals

an undefinable beauty,

unharmonized harmony,

balanced discord,

quiet chaos.

Like life --

Signed Kay Adams, A0730
Blast Collection, $195

Luck to You in 2009


This is the third necklace I have made in this series.

Old crystal ball style memories come together to form a nostalgic and lucky walk down memory lane.

A four leaf clover and a vial of mustard seeds. A single mustard seed in a very old heart shaped piece of lucite, a faceted teardrop -- each piece has its own little story and reason for being . . .

and for bringing you health, love and creative luck in 2009.

Signed Kay Adams, A1080
Lore Collection, $185, Sold

Happy 2OO9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been waiting until New Year's Day to blog on this lovely, lovely customer, the newly married Mrs. Vicki Thomasson.


(I've blogged about this piece before, but not about who became the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes rightful owner!)

She bought this piece a few days before Christmas, with plans to wear it last night, ie, New Year's Eve! I want to see those pics!!

Vicki also got married in one of my pieces -- I also want to see those pics one day!!

Vicki is happy, happy, happy, always aglow and excited, and will without fail forever glean from life all that it has to offer. I adore her energy and enthusiasm.

She is a mood-lifter on legs! Happy 2009, Vicki!!!

Happy 2009 ALL!

A1158, SOLD