No Words Necessary

And still it speaks volumes.

Photograph by Kim Schmidt
To view other work by this talented photograher, please visit her website at

Memorial Day, May 31, 2010

So Much Better Than Celebrity Apprentice


Karen!!  I have to learn to be more organized with my photos!!  I just found this pic of you -- it was in a different place on my computer because I think I took it with the camera on the phone??  Or you sent it to me from yours, or something?? 

So sorry I missed you the other day -- Tee told me you stopped by -- I know you've been busy traveling!!

Come by again soon and we'll catch up.  Love your bling sooooo much, and just re-seeing the black cloisonne and turquoise murano bead necklace makes me want to get up to the workshop as soon as I finish blogging and have my hand at another!

I think I will -- Celebrity Apprentice ended last week anyway -- so I'm free and clear!! :)

Hi to your hub and hope to see you soon!

Signed Kay Adams, A0379, A0403
Blast and Strike Collections, Sold



As visions of  jOoLs danced in her head . . .  and on her neck! :)

Hi Jan!!

I hope you are enjoying your Kay's!

I've been busy creatin'  like
some kind of obsessed necklace-maker . . . (imagine that!!) . . . so stop by soon and we'll have an overdue diamond dreamin'  jOoLeRy drippin' rhinestone-studded
play day!~ :))

Tell Margaret hi!

Signed Kay Adams, A1659, A1674
Lux Collections, Sold
Two of Jan's beauties!

Got Doubt?


Get red . . . 

When in doubt, wear red.

~Bill Blass

Signed Kay Adams, A2183
Strike Collection, Sold

Morticia's Garden


You know Morticia was an Addam's, right?

She channeled me from the grave.

Folks need to look good in the netherworld too, you know.

The black widow was her suggestion.

Having the black widow capture a diamond was all mine. ;)

Signed Kay Adams, A2246
Strike Collection, $285

Avian Dream


A snarled, tangled nest of clip earring backs and vintage pearls.

Cannot be held responsible for any feathered friends that may decide to take up residence on your neck.

Chirp chirp . . . tweet! :)

Signed Kay Adams, A2151
Posh Collection, Sold

A Little Thing


God does not command that we do
great things, only little things with great LoVe!
~ Mother Teresa

(thank you, Jill)

Signed Kay Adams, A2122
Strike Collection, Sold

Divine Miss G!


RVA's own lil' version of Miss Bette Midler.

Divine Miss Gabby, who is OH SO . . .  


Signed Kay Adams, A1730
Blast Collection, Sold

Basket of Scotties, Westies? Kitties?


An early, early barrette -- circa 1930's.

Old celluloid or possibly gutta-percha (although actually I've never seen gp blue -- usually always black.)

Absolutely the cutest little thing.

I don't know my Westies from my Scotties, but a customer even told me kitties . . .

To me, they are odd-looking little kitties -- but it's a basket of vintage animal goodness, regardless!

Signed Kay Adams, A2212
Bitz Collection, $45

Drops of Jupiter


Now that she's back in the atmosphere

With drops of Jupiter in her hair

She acts like summer and walks like rain

Reminds me that there's a time to change

Since the return from her stay on the moon

She listens like spring and she talks like June

Signed Kay Adams, A2222
Strike Collection, $155



Soft and sweet and completely petite.

Signed Kay Adams, A2150
Bitz Collection, Available

A Year For Me Bro & His Lass!


I cannot believe it's been a year already!!

Major congratulations to my wonderful brother, Mark, and his beautiful bride, Melinda, aka "The Nutty Professor and Little Turtle."

Ok, I'm like a month late, but I wasn't here on their real anniversary. So hopefully I won't get a demerit or detention.

A year ago, Mark and Melinda got married in full Scottish regalia, appropriate to the Wallace family heritage, as well as to Mark's alma mater, St. Andrews University in Scotland, where he got his doctorate (and, accordingly, when he officially became a nutty professor).

Couldn't be prouder of you two!! Love you guys!!
Melinda's wedding necklace, with her removable "M & M" enhancer on the back side, symbolizing both Mark & Melinda and Mr. & Mrs! ♥

The Few, The Proud


The Marines.

Thank you for your service.

Signed Kay Adams, A2234
Bitz Collection, $40


Two 29-ish (give or take a decade or so -- who's counting?) jool-nuts hammin' at the 'Hill!

With Emeril it's BAM!
But with Sherry it's BANG!!

And she had a birthday with a BANG!! (a former gun brooch turned necklace shooting a pink rhinestone bullet -- what else??)

HAPPY day-after your b-day SHERRY!! :))

Here's her gun necklace & a couple other pieces from her Kay repertoire!

Props 4 My Girls


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the Eco Chic Fashion Show created and presented by these two phenoms, Grace Duval (in necklace) and Anne Douglas Shaw.

Here are the magnificent creations of these truly gifted designers.

Grace, Anne -- take a bow.

Your show was outstanding.

And collaborating with you is always a joy.

Congratulations to you both. There is no question that your future's are brighter than a pot-of-gold lined with the flames
of the sun.

Love and continued success to both of you. ♥

Photography by Cameron Lewis

Danielle Canfield
Dominique Cooper
Laura Welch
Nicole Hill
Ally Farrish
Melanie Hamblin
Mariea Webb
Lindsey Philips
Melanie Hearn

Other blog entries on Grace DuVal:
Marie Antoinette's Peacock

April Showers


May flowers. :)

Signed Kay Adams, A2245
Bitz Collection, $65, Sold



Deliciousness in a necklace.

What a beautiful way to diet.

Signed Kay Adams, A2247
Strike Collection, Sold

Kindred Baby Blues


Blue-eyed beauty Alyssa.

A near and dear spirit.

Not only does she own a house on the fabulously nostalgic street that I grew up on, add to it that she was one of my earliest fans, back when I first started making the recreated vintage necklaces.

And as if those two  reasons weren't enough, she is also wonderfully close to her fab Mom, who also digs Kay necklaces.

If she stays on this track, I'm thinking she may be destined to run an antique shop when she grows up!! :)

The latest looks great Alyssa!  Hi to your Mom!

Signed Kay Adams, A1988
Posh Collection, Sold

The Girl Next Door


Best girl on the block.

(1950's dyed shells  fully restored
and completely reinforced)

Signed Kay Adams, A2219
Bitz Collection, Sold

The Other Little Mermaid


A cute little mermaid came swishing into Anthill the other day.

The little silver seahorses of a sea-worthy sea-creation instantly recognized her when she floated by.

"It's Nancy! It's Nancy!,"  they gleefully warbled.  "Take us with you Nancy, we want to go home -- back to the beach and the sun, and the surf and the sand.  Home to the seagulls and beach cottages and blue skies and sea-green oceans!" 

Nancy saw how adorable and reminiscent of home they were.

"Hop on my neck, you crazy little sea-creatures," replied Nancy.

They wasted no time.  And in a swishy flash, Nancy and her buddies were floating out the door, gleefully ready to enjoy a their life of surf, sand and sun once again!

~ The End.

Signed Kay Adams, A1566
Strike Collection, Sold

Hittin' the Links


Antique 1930's goldfilled cufflinks were the inspiration for this Victorian assemblage.

Backs of cufflinks were ground flat and hung from old scrolled brass findings.

Centered with a antique rhinestone button, softly yellowed with age, for the perfect finishing touch.

Par plus.

Signed Kay Adams, A1345
Lore Collection, Sold

Eatin' Berries off the Vine


It's like cobbler for your neck.

This piece just back from the International World of Wearable Art Show, New Zealand!

Signed Kay Adams, A1426
Strike Collection, Available

1 Photo, 1000 Words

May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day ♥

Cape May Beach, NJ
May 1967
We've come a long way, baby! ☺

Mother's Day 2009 blog

Anyone Seen My Keys?


Nevermind  .  .  .  found them.

Signed Kay Adams, A2224
Lore Collection, Available



So we had this set of  sample logo pins in a nifty little black velvet box for sale at the shop.

It was a salesman's sample set from a manufacturer that made custom lapel pins.

It was cool -- pristine condition.

But alas . .  no one cared.

This was two of the lapel pins in the sampler set,
now a diamond-studded, asymmetrical pair of
funky mismatched earrings.

And alas!  Someone cared! :)

I'll drink to that!

E2094, Sold

Ageless Antebellum


Vintage matched rhinestone shoe buckles.

Weathered green seed beaded earrings.

A jade chip palette with hand applied vintage baby
Haskell pearls.

Culminating in an inverted antique paste spray brooch.

Could have been worn yesterday by Charlotte Bronte.

Could be worn today by Hillary of Lady Antebellum . . .
or you!

Signed Kay Adams, A2026
Juice Collection, Available

The Coy Cutie in the Skull


Meet my girl, Lauren.

She's the one who ultimately ended up with the infamous skull necklace, AND DOES SHE LOOK COOL IN IT!

Dang do I ever want to be in my early 20's again (certainly in looks!!).

To take you back a moment, one of the bullet points on my bucket list was to create something that would make the ranks to be included in Noah Scalin's widely followed and renowned 'Skull-A-Day' blog.

The items submitted have to be created by the artist and they get 1000's of entries, so I didn't know if I'd make the grade, but the "skulls-that-be" saw it fit for inclusion and thus I got to meet a goal on the bucket list!! YES!

I used two layers of earrings for his eyes, a Scandanavian earring for the nose, a Danish pin for his "grill" and in true 6-feet-under fashion, I have him crying a spider tear, as well as another spider fashionably crawling through his grill.

He hangs suspended from two . .  what else . . . skeleton keys, and gobs of rhinestone and chain cobwebs.

Click here for the original entry from my personal blog.

Here's how the necklace appeared on the blog, and here's a link to it in it's entirety -- click here!

If you aren't one of the 1000's of  fans of Skull-A-Day on facebook -- it's a great page!!  YOU SHOULD JOIN -- GOOD CLEAN FUNKY MYSTERIOUS SKULL FUN!!  -- click here!

My philosophy is we all ought to get in touch with our inner-skull -- we'll all be one, one day!